Enabling Technology
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Waste Management & Environmental Policy

The company, as far as possible, ensures the generation of minimal waste, with accurate procurement, planning, handling of material or any other factors which help and improve waste audit.

Environmental Policy

Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of Megatron’s corporate business strategy and is committed to good environmental management practice and the prevention of pollution in connection with carrying out its own business operations. Towards this, it endeavors to

  • Install, maintain and operate facilities to comply with all applicable environmental laws and other regulations pertaining to the Unit
  • Conserve natural resources and energy by consistently reducing consumption and wastage
  • Introduce cleaner and energy efficient processes in a phased manner
  • Develop an ‘environmental conscious approach’ amongst all employees

Much has been achieved and the momentum is still building. Megatron’s objective is to continue as one of the leading multiple networking solutions providers in South India and expand into new markets by

  • Ensuring delivery of quality services
  • Providing a work environment that allows employees to meet their professional development goals and financial stability
  • Producing a positive contribution to society.

All our endeavors revolve around just one entity - our customers. It is your needs, ideas and demands that drive us. And once you are a part of our family, you continue to remain at the centre of our universe.