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About Megatron

Megatron has a well-knit base of more than 100 employees at various levels and they are not only competent in their jobs, but also highly motivated towards quality and customer care. Many of them have high technical & professional qualifications, as well as experience & expertise in commercial & industrial work of international standards. The company’s human resource base is structured under different divisions, each with complete staff to design and execute the projects in its own specialized fields. The divisions freely interact with each other and also with other service providers at clients’ sites, and all functions are neatly coordinated at the corporate level.

Megatron provides an encouraging work environment to its employees and trains them constantly and rigorously so they stay up to date in their levels of knowledge, skills and motivation. In case of site personnel, it uses advanced equipment and methods to ensure their total safety.

Megatron is well-equipped with cutting-edge machines & tools to cope with the complexities on its various business fronts in multiple locations, and it has a high-skill service and support team to maintain its infrastructure at peak performance levels. The company is making increasing investments in infrastructure to ensure the highest levels of quality and end-results.

With networks becoming increasingly critical to the growth and success of business and service organizations all around, companies providing integrated solutions for diverse networking environments are commanding a prime niche in the market today. Megatron Solutions is a specialist company of this kind, with a rich record in delivering comprehensive networking solutions. The company started as an electrical contractor in 1995, and has now grown into a leading name in the networking industry, thanks to its quality culture, novel technologies, new-generation equipment and high-caliber human capabilities. Today, the company’s footprint extends right across the Decccan Plateau and it is playing a key role in enhancing the net worth of customers from a variety of domains.