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The Objective of the HR is to provide support its employees through:

  • Continuity and consistency of Service.
  • Better Communication, Internal & External, in the company.
We believe in Equality of employment and every individual’s performance is recognized and appropriately incentivized.

Development is an ongoing process and it is so for our Megatron Company solutions pvt ltd too. The attempt of putting together this First HR Policy Manual is part of this initiative keeping in perspective the size that we have grown to. We, today, have around 120 employees and it is important that we are all in tandem and on a common page.

The Privileges and Amenities mentioned in the Manual are the current set and obviously will undergo changes as we progress in our journey.

Amendments in the Policy will be communicated to all colleagues from time to time.

To be a Leader in our chosen Markets by building a strong bond with our Customer and Our Employees.

Enabling each employee to evolve into self starter Team Leader and meet the fast changing business environment and maintain a competitive edge.

  • Promote a culture of Teamwork amongst employees.
  • Strive for continuous improvement in upgrading the competencies of employees through focused initiatives.
  • Focus on defined Values and Principles.
  • Facilitate people towards a multi skilled and multi tasking approach.
Our HR Strategy is encompassed by: R E S P E C T
  • Reliability  - You can Count on us
  • Excellence  - Is our Standard
  • Service  - Customer is First. Exceed meeting his needs
  • People  - Serve people with fairness and firmness
  • Empowerment  - Enabling each to attain his / her Potential.
  • Caring  - Care for all as we wish to be cared for
  • Teamwork  - Foster a spirit of Teamwork
The Recruitment Policy at Megatron Solutions Pvt Ltd aims at enriching its talent pool by acquiring skills and functional expertise that strengthen its goal to become a Leader in its chosen verticals on the pivots of a set of committed, motivated and empowered employees.

If you are experienced in the field of Electrical Construction Industries and wish to work with us please send us your curriculum vitae (CV) to admin@megatron.in 

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